Nov 8, 2017

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Basic Electronic Components And What They Do

If you are thinking about doing anything with electrical components, you need to know what some of the basics ones are. You should also have an understanding of what they do to ensure that you use them correctly. Some of the basic electrical components include resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors.


One of the most commonly used electronic components is the resistor. As the name suggests, this component will resist the flow of electrical current. All electrical circuits will have a resistor in them. Resistors are very small components and most are smaller than a penny.

When you look at resistors, you will notice that they come in a range of different resistance values. These values will be measured in ohms and represent how much they resist the current. The higher the value, the higher the resistance. You will also see a power rating in watts which indicates the power they can handle without burning up.


Another basic electronic component is the capacitor which is also the second most commonly used component. A capacitor is a small device which temporarily stores electrical charges which will be released into the circuit. As with resistors, there are a number of variations you can choose from.

The 2 most common capacitors ate the electrolytic and the ceramic disk. When looking at capacitors, you will have to consider the amount of capacitance. This will generally be measured in microfarads and will be stamped onto the capacitor.


A diode is the basic electronic component that lets an electrical current flow in one direction only. There are 2 terminals which make up a diode and they are the anode and the cathode. The electrical current will only be able to flow through the diode when the positive voltage comes through the anode and the negative voltage through the cathode. If this is the other way, the current will not be able to pass through the diode.

When looking at diodes, it is important to note that there is a special type of diode known as the LED or light emitting diode. When the current passes through these diodes, a light will be emitted. These diodes are used to make LED light builds.


The 3 terminal electronic component known as the transistor is a device that controls the flow of electrical currents. The voltage will be applied to one of the terminals which is called the base. The current can then be controlled before it flows through the 2 other terminals known as the collector and the emitter. The transistor is actually one of the more important components in any electronic device.

There are many basic electronics component supply that you need to know about if you are going to be working with them. Some of these components are more commonly used than others and some are vital to all electronic devices. It is important that you know what they are, the variations available and when you should be using them.

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Nov 8, 2017

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Multiple Change of Address USPS Info

If you are going to be looking to change your address anytime soon, you will need to get a change of address form from USPS. There are different ways you can do so. Below, we will discuss some of the different ways you can request a change of address.

Ways To Change Your Address:

1. Online.

This is perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to change your address with the USPS. By going online and to their website, you should be able to find the form they have to do so successfully. In order to do so, you will need a valid e-mail address and a payment method. In order to properly safegaurd your personal information, the post office electronically verifies the information that you enter with your bank in order to see whether or not you are who you say you are. They do so by matching the information with the bank that issues you the credit or debit card. The billing address must match the address that you are either moving from or morving to. Along with this, you will be required to pay a $1 fee in order for a USPS contractor to provide the necessary verification.

2. By Phone.

Another option would be to complete the change of address by phone. You will be able to call in and change your address if you are so inclined. You will need to go through the same verification process when you do so using this method. Therefore, you are going to need to have a credit or debit card for this method as well. If you are  planning move and a new house construction is going on you will like to read some Tips to Save on Roofing .

3. Through The Mail.

Another option would be to change your address through the mail. You would simply mail the form that is completely filled out to the address that is listed on the card. You will want to do this at least two weeks prior to your move. For more information read about us postal service temporary change of address.

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Nov 1, 2017

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How Does Storm Water Become Polluted

What You Need To Know About How Storm Water Becomes Polluted

Whenever it rains, the storm waters run off sidewalks, roof tops, yards, parking lots, fields and streets carrying a significant amount of pollutants along with it. The catch basins or storm drains have been designed in such a way to divert the rainwater away so that it does not reach the developed areas as well as to prevent the occurrence of flooding. This is not connected to the treatment plants or sanitary-sewer systems. Today we have an expert in the area from a Los Angeles based consulting company that give us a better understanding of this environemental hazard. You can find our more about the comapny by visiting thier website at

James Turner of SWPP California, a storm water pollutions plan consutlant  mentions, storm water that is untreated along with the pollutants that it carries flows into the storm drains which then flow into rivers. He mentioned this is the type of pollution that can often lead to destruction of aquatic-life habitats, wildlife and fish, loss of aesthetic value along with threats such as bacteria and pathogens to the health of the public.

How Does Storm Water Become Polluted?

Storm water in most cases becomes polluted from the daily activities which people are often not even aware of. The storm water becomes polluted when debris and trash gets into the storm drains, the lawn-care activities like the improper usage of pesticides and fertilizers, failing to clean up leaves and grass clippings, washing cars on a pavement or driveway which allows a way for the dirty wastewater and soap to flow into the storm drains. 

Other common ways that the storm water becomes polluted is from the incorrect maintenance of cars that result in antifreeze and oil leaks. Or waste that comes from wildlife and pets that lead to pathogens and bacteria that contaminate the water along with the incorrect disposal and storage of common household chemicals. To avoid this, the public should be making an effort to ensure they store chemicals in the correct way, to buy wisely as well as transport the unwanted household-chemicals to a hazardous-waste collection center in order to decrease contamination to the storm water.

Where Does The Storm Water Go?

Storm water typically flows directly into the various storm drains which are then directly conveyed into our rivers.

Why Is This A Problem?

Unfortunately storm water typically carries very high concentrations of toxic pollutants. This often results in devastating effects on wildlife, fish and aquatic habitats along with threats to the health of the public.


Here are a few guidelines for wash water disposal and outdoor-cleaning activities:

•Do- Dispose of smaller amounts of the wash-water after cleaning plazas, sidewalks, and building exteriors onto unpaved or landscaped surfaces. This discharge won’t cause nuisance problems or flooding or flow into the storm drains.

•Do Not – Discharge of large amounts of wash water onto soil or landscaped areas whereby the water can run onto the street and land up in the storm drains. This wastewater as a result of exterior cleaning should be pumped into sewer lines.

•Do- Check with the requirements and policies of a local agency in regards to the disposal of waste water.  Water as a result from a variety of the outdoor-cleaning activities is often acceptable to be disposed of through sewer systems. Find out more about you local regulations by visiting James Turner company website

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Sep 7, 2017

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3 Methods To Use If You Want To Prevent Scaly Skin

Preventing scaly skin may seem impossible, but there are a few ways you can. Suffering from scaly skin can be a thing of the past when you know what to do. Below are three ways you can prevent scaly skin.

1. Gentle Cleansers

Instead of using soap, use gentle cleaners because they are not as rough on the skin. A gentle cleanser that has been formulated for those with dry skin will help prevent scaly skin. Try to use natural facial cleansers or cleaners that contain ingredients such as oatmeal. If you’re overly concerned about scaly skin, then use the cleanser 1-3 times per day.

skin treatment

2. Eat Healthy

Sometimes scaly skin is a result of something that has been eaten. If you want to prevent scaly skin, then eat healthier. What you want to do is drink plenty of water and eat foods that contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. Drinking water and a balanced diet can do wonders for your skin treatment.

3. Moisturize Frequently

Besides using cleansers and eating a healthy diet, you can buy a moisturizer and use it frequently. However, you want to stay away from moisturizers that contain harsh ingredients, so your best bet is to use a natural one. If you moisturize your skin 3-4 times daily, then you will likely get results that it helps to improve your skin. The key is to be consistent, especially if you’re prone to dry and scaly skin, but if you aren’t prone to it, then moisturizing once per day should be good enough.

skin treatment

Preventing scaly skin is possible if you use the right cleanser. It’s also possible if you eat healthy and drink plenty of water, as well as moisturize every single day, sometimes a few times per day. With that said, feel free to give the above a try and see how well they work for you.

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May 2, 2017

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Top Tampa Bay SEO Companies That You Should Use

If you are thinking about finding some of the top search engine optimization businesses that are currently operating in Tampa, this is a search that will lead you to many different companies. Some of them have been providing these services for many years, whereas others may have just started. There are certain things to consider when working with these companies. You will want to use a business that has a good reputation. One of these is Scott Keever SEO, and here are a few of the things that they will be able to help your company achieve.

tampa bay marketing

Why Search Engine Optimization Is So Important

To attract the right customers to your website, search engine optimization plays a vital role. You are going to be targeting very specific keyword phrases. If this is done the right way, you may see results in just a couple of weeks, and this can be done by a reputable SEO business. They will help you with social media marketing, video marketing, and also will do backlinking campaigns. This will help you get to the top of the search engine listings as quickly as possible, as long as you are using one of the best companies in the Tampa area.

Making The Right Choice Is Easy

the reason that choosing one of these businesses is easy is because you already know who you should contact. A reputable business by the name of Scott Keever SEO is one that provides reliable seo best practices for your business. Although you could choose from many of the others that are currently in the Tampa area, this business definitely stands out. If your goal is to get top listings on the search engines so you can generate more sales, this is the company that can help you get these results.

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