Nov 8, 2017

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Basic Electronic Components And What They Do

If you are thinking about doing anything with electrical components, you need to know what some of the basics ones are. You should also have an understanding of what they do to ensure that you use them correctly. Some of the basic electrical components include resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors.


One of the most commonly used electronic components is the resistor. As the name suggests, this component will resist the flow of electrical current. All electrical circuits will have a resistor in them. Resistors are very small components and most are smaller than a penny.

When you look at resistors, you will notice that they come in a range of different resistance values. These values will be measured in ohms and represent how much they resist the current. The higher the value, the higher the resistance. You will also see a power rating in watts which indicates the power they can handle without burning up.


Another basic electronic component is the capacitor which is also the second most commonly used component. A capacitor is a small device which temporarily stores electrical charges which will be released into the circuit. As with resistors, there are a number of variations you can choose from.

The 2 most common capacitors ate the electrolytic and the ceramic disk. When looking at capacitors, you will have to consider the amount of capacitance. This will generally be measured in microfarads and will be stamped onto the capacitor.


A diode is the basic electronic component that lets an electrical current flow in one direction only. There are 2 terminals which make up a diode and they are the anode and the cathode. The electrical current will only be able to flow through the diode when the positive voltage comes through the anode and the negative voltage through the cathode. If this is the other way, the current will not be able to pass through the diode.

When looking at diodes, it is important to note that there is a special type of diode known as the LED or light emitting diode. When the current passes through these diodes, a light will be emitted. These diodes are used to make LED light builds.


The 3 terminal electronic component known as the transistor is a device that controls the flow of electrical currents. The voltage will be applied to one of the terminals which is called the base. The current can then be controlled before it flows through the 2 other terminals known as the collector and the emitter. The transistor is actually one of the more important components in any electronic device.

There are many basic electronics component supply that you need to know about if you are going to be working with them. Some of these components are more commonly used than others and some are vital to all electronic devices. It is important that you know what they are, the variations available and when you should be using them.