Feb 28, 2017

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Importance of local SEO marketing for Dentists

What is Local Marketing?

Local marketing using Johnny Chen actually refers to market your product or service with the location you are running your business. It is done by listing your business or location on the Google map, so anyone searching the related business or service get the full information about the location.

Local Marketing is helping the customers in reaching the exact place of your location.

The importance of local marketing for dentists:

  • Dentists like any other professionals want to provide convenience to their patients. Local Marketing provides services for the patients in form of giving accurate and exact knowledge about the clinics location.
  • The Google map helps your patients to know the exact distance and time to reach at your clinic.
  • Local marketing helps in increasing the search ranking.
  • It also helps in knowing the customers and patients reviews.
  • It expands the customers reach and target population. People want to visit you but they don’t know your exact area. Patients from the farther areas simply track the Google map and reach dentists.

How dentists brand their services with local marketing?

Branding with Johnny Chen is necessary for every business. Dentists can make a brand through giving them gentle    experience with the dental practices. Dentists can brand their services with local marketing by the following tactics:

  • Designing brand objectives
  • Clear vision and mission statements
  • Attractive logo
  • Providing enormous services


Local Marketing is blessing for the patients

For a dentist, it is evident that he should handle his clinic as well as standing both online and offline. If the customer know how to reach you, he will feel convenient and relax. The finest and prime promoters of the dental services are the patients. Their word of mouth plays an important part in promoting your dental practice.

Do you know that, an average Facebook user has over 150 friends and if you manifold it by 2 the number is 300? If you as a dentist use social media and use digital local market strategies, the promotion and branding is least expensive function for the dental service.

Try to connect with your patients online and offline. The connection creates ambassadors for your dental practice http://bisharadental.com/

As a dentist, it is a part of your practice to develop a relationship and it begins with keep in contact with your patients. 

Here is the tip: If any of your patients have a major dental case, show some courtesy. Make a call and ask them about his condition. Recommend him some medicines. This courtesy call will admired by your patient and the dentists will enter in the good books of the patients.

In this way you can make the patient your brand ambassador. The local marketing for dentists turn out to be beneficial for both the dentist and the patient.