Apr 14, 2017

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Your Lawn In The Spring Time

Preparing Your Lawn For Spring Should Not Happen In The Spring

Spring Lawn Care Tips

If your idea of lawn care is just firing up the mower and clipping down the grass when it gets too wild or tall, then making sure your mower still runs well after a long winter is all you really have to do in terms of getting ready for the growing season. However, if you have pretty much anything else you do with your yard, then preparing your lawn for spring should actually happen in the spring. It’s something you should actually have planned out and have been working on throughout the fall and winter.

Much of what you do for spring lawn preparation depends largely on two different factors. The first is where you live, in terms of region and local microclimate or hardiness zone. The second is what specifically you do you in your yard. http://discoverziehler.com

Where you live has a huge impact because some places do not freeze during the winter and can actually see some planting or even mowing during what are ‘cold’ months for others. It also determines when your spring actually starts in a vegetation sense, as it won’t line up exactly with the astronomical spring marked on your calendar.

What you want to do in your yard also matters. If you have a garden you are going to lay out, then you need to know what bulbs you are going to plant and win. Pruning schedules for existing tress and shrubs also need figuring out far in advance, as many but not all plants are better off pruned when it’s cold. Also, if you are going to start a vegetable garden or something similar, you might want to get started with container planting indoors a month or two in advance and then transplanting to the ground.